Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Somewhere, Over the Rainbow . . .

I meant to post this a week ago . . . On the way home from Washington, my friend and I saw the most vivid, beautiful rainbow arching over the freeway in Boise. As we drove, we realized that the Boise temple fell right in the center of the rainbow. I wish I had been fast enough to get better pictures, but this is all I got:I'm quite sure that its a sign, but of what I don't know. Ideas? I wonder if it's a promise from God that He will never again flood the Church with political activism against homosexuals. Or perhaps a prophecy that one day Mormons in gay relationships will be welcome in the temple? Seeing as the rainbow initially arched completely around the temple, maybe it's a subtle reminder to Mormons that the gay population is bigger than theirs? Or, as the temple spires reach heavenward, and the rainbow is already there and is so much higher, perhaps this is meant as a revelation that there are gay people in heaven! Or maybe the rainbow is there to remind Mormons that the storm that is gathering is a gay storm, and that it must be feared. What do you think?


Wyatt said...

I love moments like that one. Moments of deep introspection and questioning that are not only telling of us and our personal situations, but also hold reference point in our minds of how and when we solidified different thoughts that have been mulling over in our heads.

Your journey sounds fascinating. I love your story and I love your strength. I commend you for your desire to share and desire to find happiness wherever and whoever you are. Good for you, man!

Personally, I think the rainbow can only be attributed to your own personal determination and growth. Only you can really decide what it means, but I'm sure it said something about the fact that 'there is beauty all around' and not just in the church.

Ezra said...

Or maybe it's just light refracting off of water droplets in the air.

Seriously, the significance of any symbol only comes because of the cultural and environmental understanding of the world that you hold--any gay-hating Mormon faithful could've seen that rainbow and thought that it means God is keeping his promise to protect the temple, the umbrella shape of the arc, shielding it from the world.

Who knows.

I'm not belittling your introspection, because I do the same thing, and I think the thoughts that these beautiful moments generate are amazingly important.

But I doubt God put a rainbow over the temple to send you a sign.

Daniel said...

No, I think I can say that with every fiber of my being, I know that was a sign from God, given at the Boise temple. In fact, I now know of what this sign reveals. It is a testament that God, and therefore the Mormons, still own the rainbow. He is taking it back from the Gays. This sign is a witness that the Mormons will one day inherit the Earth, and will triumph over Satan and his dark army of homosexuals, democrats, and working mothers. Of this I so testify and give my unshaken witness.

Although, I am still open to other interpretations, if anyone has anything good.

Der Orgelspieler said...

Wow Dan, I really got chills reading that. I really felt the honesty and sincerity of your witness. God will triumph over Satan and his working-mom minions. Oh yes, most certainly. :)