Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Art Blog Posts

I have recently published a series of blog posts on my art blog about spiritual themes in contemporary art. Check it out:

As contemporary society becomes increasingly multicultural, the exclusive nature of the church often isolates the modern worshiper, while simultaneously allowing the modern art patron to appreciate religious symbols in art from many cultures. The practice of organized religion is on the decline, and in its absense, many are turning to art.

The Sacred Experience in Art Spaces Part Two
Though it isn’t often discussed, spirituality was actually a major theme in the art of the nineties because artists used the body in a spiritual way.

The Sacred Experience in Art Spaces Part Three
Of all the contemporary artists working with spiritual themes, Bill Viola is in a league of his own. Viola creates emotional, painterly videos that reference birth and death, the natural elements, human expressions and relationships, and religious iconography. His work creates a humanist, or art based, spirituality. 

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