Tuesday, June 16, 2009

And There Were Flashes of Light

It seems lightning has struck the Mormon's newest Temple this past week. We were warned by NOM that a storm was gathering.

The Oquirrh Mountain Temple, which is to be dedicated in August, was struck by lightning, leaving a black stain on the face, arm, and trumpet of Angel Moroni. It's nothing a little soap, water, and maybe some re-gilding can't fix. It does make one wonder, though, how happy God is with the Mormons. There's a message in here somewhere. Judging from the black stain, it might have been a more timely message any time before 1979. Although, there is another issue plaguing the Church now with an awful lot of similarities to the pre-1979 ban on black priesthood and Temple rites, including marriages.


Grant Haws said...

Awfully good point...

draco said...

There were things we'd never do again but then they'd always seem right-
There were nights of endless pleasure, it was more than any laws allow!

;) And you didn't want to see Celine last year- tsk tsk tsk

It's too bad the whole angel didn't turn black- that would have been cool! Of course most Mormons, who seem to see signs and symbols in everything ("tender mercies" - ahem), will probably ignore the potential symbolism of lightning striking Mr. Moroni.

And just so everyone can appreciate the cleverness of your title, here's a happy link to bring things back around.


(see 1:42)

Daniel said...

Frankly I'm impressed that you caught the reference, though I have no idea why. Should have expected it.

Original Mohomie said...

Well, _I_ just heard the temple was defiled the night before by a gay couple who kissed in it while touring the open house. ...OK, I made that up, but theories abound, don't they?

Comments from people on Deseret News:
- Angel Moroni protected the temple.
- It's a reminder to be in the temple to find shelter from the storms of the world.
- Random act of nature, and temples get struck all the time
- It's a sign we should all be sacrificing vanity for the sake of the good work
- This wasn't an act of God, it was an act of Mother Nature, whom God has to obey just like we are commanded to obey our parents
- It's a repeat of when the architect of the St. George temple designed the steeple to his, not Brother Brigham's, designs, and the steeple burned up. [implication: someone surely has disobeyed God's prophet, or the discoloration would not have occurred]
- The church should give the good angel a 2 iron. Like they say, even god can't hit a 2 iron.
- God divided the seas didn't he? and now he has decided to put out a warning to his rebellious children who are swollen with pride.
- Spare the rod and spoil the Moroni
- Maybe Jesus thinks it's time for a "Christian" church to acknowledge Him over Moroni.
- As a member of the Church living in England can I say thank you for the best laugh I have had in a while. You ALL take things way too serious (I think that's how you'd put it in the good old US of A). Love to you ALL x x

Comments from the Tribune:
- God is angry about this temple. This is a warning.
- God prefers a Black man to blow a trumpet. He made the change.
- The "highest person" in the Church is a Black man. At least for now.
- The angel will be now be referred to as "The Angel Louie"
- Maybe God is celebrating Gay Pride week.
- Mormons in the area around the Temple reported a beautiful sound coming from the statue. "It had good rhythm and you could dance to it."
- That's just how Jesus high-fives his homeboy Moroni.
- Is it just me or does that statue look like a majorette in a gay pride parade?

...oh, that was fun.